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The mean age of first time mothers exceeded 30 for the first time

11. 8. 2016 - Jana Fuksová

Specialists in Zlín would like to motivate young people to start their families at an earlier age. Their new campaign will expand from Zlín across the whole country within this year.

Is getting a pet dog better option than having a baby? Should we admire wonders of our big world or are the small wonders of everyday life as a parent more amazing? How many eggs have you got left? These and similar daring questions will be a part of the project organized by members of the Czech Gynaecological and Obstetrical Society.

The campaign called Let’s have a child, which has its origins in Zlín, should help to promote the idea of having a baby at a younger age compared to the current trend and, according to its authors, we should see the results within two to three years’ time. The increasing age of first time mothers is the main cause of concern for the whole population. „If the current trend of delaying childbirth continues, we are doomed to extinction“, warned David Rumpík, the director of the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in Zlín.

The age of women in the Czech Republic giving birth to their first child continues to increase. Last year the mean age of first time mothers reached the critical number 30. Only ten years ago it was seven years less. These figures are also confirmed in Zlín region. In 2003 there were 400 children born to women in the age group of 35 – 39. Ten years later women in this age group delivered almost 1000 children. On the contrary, women under 30 give birth less often.

Giving birth at the age of 40 is not unusual anymore

Specialists have been warning for a long time that the number of infertile couples continues to rise, older women find it much harder to conceive and with increased age there is a higher risk of complications and additional health problems.

„One of the complications is a high blood pressure. Also the risk of having a baby with a genetic disorder is higher and older pregnant women are required to undergo more tests and examinations“, said Deputy Head of Gynaecology-Obstetric ward in Uherské Hradiště Martina Píšťková.

Baťa Hospital in Zlín, which has a specialized centre for high risk pregnancies, confirmed this trend.

Women over the age of 40 come to deliver their babies in our hospital. Having a baby in your forties used to be rare in the past but not anymore“, stated Jozef Macko, the Head Consultant of the Newborn department.

They want to motivate young people

We can observe the current trend more closely at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine, where infertile couples come for help. The majority of couples are over the age of 30 and the mean age of a female patient having difficulties to conceive is 35. But ideally she should have come to the clinic at a much earlier age.

The older a woman is, the older her eggs are. And women over 40 may not have any eggs left. In addition to this problem, it is much more difficult at this age to find a partner and children born to older women do not have a chance to get to know their grandparents, as they are very old. „It is alarming and very sad and there seems to be almost no solution to this problem“, declared Dr.Rumpík.

Last year’s figures regarding the mean age of first time mothers convinced specialists that there is a need to motivate young people more to start a family so that they do not postpone it for reasons such as travelling, career or a fear of having no suitable accommodation as currently, some couples feel that having a child would cause a problem in their life rather than bring them joy and happiness.

Doctors addressed members of various political parties with a proposal of their idea to bring back loans for newly married couples.

“Although it may seem ridiculous now, when such loans were introduced in the past, it resulted in a sharp rise of birth rate in our country“, reminded Dr.Rumpík. „We shall wait and see how our politicians react to our proposal“.

Medical professionals have high hopes that this campaign brings major changes. Students studying Marketing and Communication at Baťa University in Zlín came up with initial ideas and proposals and from here the project is expected to expand across the whole country within this year. It is the first project of this type in Europe.