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Becoming mother thanks to IVF donation

16. 9. 2016

There is a conflict between the biological and chronological age to become a mother in our present-day society. Due to several reasons, the motherhood’s experience is more postponed every day; consequently the ovary loses its ability to produce oocytes...

The mean age of first time mothers exceeded 30 for the first time

11. 8. 2016 - Jana Fuksová

Specialists in Zlín would like to motivate young people to start their families at an earlier age. Their new campaign will expand from Zlín across the whole country within this year.

The Surprising Cost of IVF in Europe

27. 7. 2016 - Caroline Philips

If you are interested in the cost of IVF in Europe it probably means that you have checked out IVF prices at home and are perhaps a little shocked by what you find. Can egg donation treatment really cost eight, nine or ten thousand pounds a go? Having...

Tips to survive the 2 Week Wait

21. 7. 2016 - Denisa Francis

The two week wait is the time between embryo transfer and finding out whether you are pregnant. This part of the cycle that involves waiting to hear the "news" may be exhausting and agonising and it is not unusual to feel a bit isolated and insecure,...

‚My magical boy!‘ by the first woman ever to have baby after womb transplant

16. 6. 2016

Malin Stenberg was only 15 when she was told she had been born without a womb and would therefore never carry a child of her own. But now she has spoken of the magic of motherhood after becoming the world’s first woman to have a baby with a womb transplant.

Medical tourism is becoming very popular. Zlín region has an increasing number of visitors from other countries.

16. 6. 2016 - Petra Procházková

Foreign visitors heading to Zlín region have options to undergo various medical treatments, after-care or just simply relax and recuperate in one of the five spa resorts. The idea has a potential as the local doctors are sought by patients from all over...

Having IVF eleven times made me feel ashamed, delusional and terribly lonely

7. 6. 2016

Many couples face the difficulty to conceive when diagnosed with "Unexplained Infertility" yet they feel incredibly lonely and misunderstood by their friends and family. Read this personal story written by Jessica Hepburn who has set up the first ever...

Can we blame women having IVF for delaying pregnancy?

1. 6. 2016

Social infertility: there is a rise of older mothers, women delay pregnancy because society makes it hard to be a mother at any age. It's a natural impulse to wait until conditions for falling pregnant are perfect — stable relationships, income, plus...

Tips for women trying to conceive

31. 5. 2016

Whether you’ve just started trying to get pregnant or have been at it for a while, there are things that can help. From what you eat to how often you have sex, please read the following advice from the fertility experts. 

Smoking during pregnancy chemically alters the DNA of the developing baby

18. 5. 2016

Pregnant women now have another reason to quit smoking – a new analysis links it to differences in their babies’ DNA that mirror alterations in adult smokers and suggest how smoking might contribute to certain birth defects.