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I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. From the initial contact, to the goodbye when we were finished treatment, the experience was exceptional. My coordinator always emailed me back promptly, even over a long weekend when we were about to fly out! She was nice and always answered all my questions, even the crazy ones! When we were there, we were treated kindly and with respect. The clinic is clean and the staff are friendly. Even though it was busy when we were there, we did not have to wait long to be seen.

 I would highly recommend this clinic.

T., Canada


Denisa - thank you so much for all your help - you have been great!  Anna was also fantastic!  we highly recommend your clinic  and hotel - we could not fault anything (it really was more than we expected!).  we will definitely be back again !  - we verbaily have recommended to close friends - and also we have internet posts to complete next week (once we have caught up on our work load!)!!!  I really wish you all the luck with London (busy city - but really lovely !) - I hope all goes well (but I couldn't see how it would not!).  We loved Zlin - a really fantastic town.  I've just had a quick look at your website - and it really is a great job -  the ivf is well needed!

thank you again - from a very nervous couple starting out - and after our 1st time in Zlin realising it was nothing to worry about!

V., Northern Ireland


Dear Denisa,

We were very well looked after here I really can't fault the staff or the process, it was all very smooth and timely. You have been so helpful throughout this process and I have to say that you are one of the primary reasons we chose the clinic as you were always available to answer questions and  were so helpful. I just want to thank you very much from both of us.

C., Ireland


We had an unsuccessful IVF cycle at our clinic in the UK, and in our follow up consultation were advised we would need to use donor eggs. Our clinic then closed down and we had to choose a new clinic. The cost of donor egg treatment in the UK was prohibitive to us at around £10,000 but we knew we wanted to go ahead with another cycle somehow. We started to research clinics in the EU, and shortlisted a number of clinics in Spain and Czech Republic. Zlin stood out for us for many reasons: Our first contact with the clinic was excellent; The clinic was incredibly helpful in helping us to arrange shipping our frozen sperm from the UK over to Zlin; Zlin offer techniques that not all clinics offer such as Embryoscope and embryo glue; The price for treatment at Zlin including flights, transfers and half board stay at the fantastic Hotel Tomasov was excellent; There was no waiting list for a donor; We were able to specify our donor requirements; The Hotel Tomasov situated on top of the clinic was a huge benefit and was also a beautiful hotel and restaurant; The online reviews for Zlin were the best we read; The pharmacy was within the clinic; We were assigned our very own coordinator who was always in touch and responded to any query within 24 hours and last, but definitely not least, all the staff at Zlin were really wonderful and went out of their way to help us.

We were incredibly lucky that our first donor egg cycle with Zlin was successful and we are now 26 weeks pregnant! If our cycle hadn't worked we would have had no worries about returning to Zlin, we were really pleased with every aspect of our treatment. We felt more looked after by Zlin and that the staff cared about us as a couple than we ever felt at our UK clinic. We have recommended Zlin to other couples and we always speak highly of the treatment we received. We couldn't be any happier that we chose Zlin!

C., UK


Hi Denisa,
The past few weeks seems to have flown by, we are very tired but incredibly happy. Without you the twins wouldn't be here! We had endured a fairly rough journey in trying to get pregnant with nothing but disappointment however one if the main reasons we decided to proceed with your clinic was you. You gave me a real sense of confidence that we would be in safe hands with people who cared about helping us to achieve our dream and look how it's turned out! I will always be grateful to you and the rest of the team for how you helped us. You were always on hand to answer my questions and reassure me, that helped me tremendously as well as keeping me calm and I'm sure me being calm and relaxed was a positive factor in our successful outcome! I definitely wouldn't rule out seeing if we could have another baby!
With best wishes
S., UK

At 45 years old the decision to have donor egg IVF was complex . To have IVF in the UK was not an option not least because of the lack of donors and cost of treatment . I chose IVF Zlin because of the excellent testimonials from other clients , their success rates and
professionalism on initial contact and throughout my treatment . They made the whole process clear and simple which as an overseas client was essential . Thank you IVF Zlin I am now 20 weeks gestation and all well .
J., UK

Posielam obrazok z ultrazvuku. Heart rate: 160. Tak ocakavame jedno babatko. Sme radi ze nam to vyslo aspon s jednym embryom. Este nevieme kedy, ale urcite prideme do Zlina na kliniku este raz. Stale na vas spominame, na cely kolektiv, Dr. Krenek bol vynikajuci, ked budete mat moznost tak mu dajte vediet ze sme mu velmi vdacni za vsetko co pre nas urobil a za ochotu nam pomoct.  Vam Deniska, sme vdacni za darkynu s ktorou sme mali uspech. Bola to pre nas dost tazka cesta dopracovat sa k pozitivnemu vysledku, a preto sme velmi vdacni za cely vynikajuci kolektiv v Zline. 
S pozdravom,

We are so grateful for all that you and the staff did for us to help us achieve this miracle. Thank you so much.

Hello Denisa,
Thank you for all your help and support!! I know we had a lot of questions during this process and you have been most gracious and patient with everything. Answering all of our questions thoroughly really helped us during our journey. We really appreciate that.  We can tell you love your work and care very deeply about what you do and the difference you make in patients lives. 
W and R, Canada

Hello Denisa
It was lovely to finely meet you and thank you for all your help and support you have made this journey easier.
My doctor did another HCG test and my levels have increased by 5x also had ultrasound and there is 1 embryo which is well inbeded into the lining,also great news it has a heart beat of 154. So everything is looking good other the the morning sickness which start today. Once again thank you so much could not speak more highly of you and the clinic. I hope you don't mine I have passed on your details to other Australia IVF couples
A.., Australia

Hi Denisa,
 Thanks so much! I am so relieved and happy I cant even put it in to words.v  I cant thank you guys enough for everything you have done.  You are absolutely fantastic I recommended a girl I know to contact you and go to the clinic I think she has been in contact with you.
 Thank you for everything :)

Hello again Denisa,
Back from holidays now and we have just been to the doctors and had the test results are back and it all looks good. The due date is end of February. The baby has a little heartbeat and seems to be doing very well. It was amazing to watch the baby move. We are beyond happy and really can't believe how lucky we are!
Again, we thank you for all you have done to make this possible.
Thank you and lots of love from

I just want to update you with my pregnancy. All is going well and we are over halfway to our goal. In January we are expecting a little boy , and we are so excited. We are so greatful for all you have done for us and we can’t thank you enough :) We will update you in January when our little one is here with us :)
Lots of love from M.

Good morning Denisa
I took this test this morning. ...and. ...
I'M PREGNANT!!! You are amazing Denisa! You and the entire Ivf Zlin Team who made this possible. Thank you so much to all of you. Please say a big thank you to everyone from us, we couldn't be happier.