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Why choose to have IVF abroad?

There are various reasons why couples seek infertility treatment abroad. Some reasons could be restrictive legislation in their home country, the extra benefits associated with having the treatment abroad, the higher success rates of foreign clinics or keeping the treatment private from their family, friends or colleagues and also the lower cost of IVF treatment.

Why should you come to Zlin?

The Czech Republic is an attractive and popular destination for infertile couples from around the world. Why? Because there are very open-laws concerning the treatment of infertility. For example, egg donation is permitted, the sperm and embryo donors are anonymous, the maximum age limit of recipient is 49 and there are  numbers of techniques and AR methods (ICSI, PICSI, PGD, assisted hatching, etc.) allowed by law. It is also important to know that the Czech Republic as a member of the European Union, is subject to many strict regulations in the field of tissue directive which ensure the high quality of health services. The Czech Republic is a safe country with a rich history and many interesting places for tourists.

In Zlin, AR infertility treatment methods have a long tradition. Every year many Czech and foreign couples undergo infertility treatment. Our clinic has a team of top professionals who are able to communicate in different languages (English, Russian, French, German) as well as state-of- the- art modern equipment and facilities.

During your treatment you can stay in the Hotel Tomášov, which is located in the same building as the clinic. Therefore, we can provide convenient accommodation for the clients of our clinic.

IVF Treatment €1950

Price includes:

  • Consultation
  • Ultrasound
  • Treatment protocol
  • Monitoring of IVF cycle
  • Oocyte retrieval + anaesthesia
  • Fertilization of up to 10 oocytes via ICSI
  • Extended embryo cultivation
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo transfer
  • Partner’s sperm analysis
  • Testing for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (HIV 1+2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B+C)

Standard price does not include:

  • The cost of medication 
  • Cryopreservation of surplus embryos
  • Donor sperm
  • Intralipid infusion
  • MESA/TESE (partner’s sperm retrieval via a surgical procedure)
  • ICSI over 10 oocytes – each additional oocyte
  • KET (frozen embryo transfer cycle)
  • PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)/ PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening)

The step by step of IVF in Zlín

Upon receiving a request, it takes approximately one month to place patients on their own IVF program. Throughout this period you will be in constant touch with one of our IVF coordinators (using e-mail, skype or phone). The coordinator can consult our physicians about your medication on your behalf.

  1. The IVF coordinator sends an email to patients with “IVF basic medical information“ attached as well as the questionnaire “First virtual visit “, the patient then completes the questionnaire and sends it back to the coordinator.
  2. If a patient has previously completed a cycle of treatment they may send a copy of the treatment report (via email) to our doctor.
  3. The schedule of the treatment is determined by the menstrual cycle of a patient; in the case of irregular period a doctor may recommend to take hormonal contraceptives.
  4. The patient arrives in Zlin and, on the second or third day of the menstrual cycle, has a consultation with a doctor, blood draw for the hormone levels and baseline ultrasound
  5. The doctor arranges the dates for the following appointments (blood draw, ultrasound scan) with the patient; the doctor also arranges the egg retrieval date according to the patient‘s response to hormonal stimulation.
  6. The embryo transfer is then carried out  3-5 days after the egg retrieval (the optimal date is set by a doctor and embryologist depending on the development and quality of the embryos)

How long do I need to stay in Zlin?

Ideally, we recommend staying for 21 days from the start of your stimulation.

Does partner have to be present during the whole period of treatment?

Your partner doesn‘t need to be present for the whole duration of your stimulation , he can arrive the day before your egg collection, he will have his STD tests done and provide his sperm on your egg collection day, he is free to depart on the same day. 

What test results do we need to provide before we start IVF treatment?

Before coming, the results of the following tests (not older than one year to the day of the embryo transfer) must be sent via email for both partners: HIV 1.2, Hepatitis B and C; Syphilis.

The male partner can also send the results of a sperm analysis, if done.


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