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Egg Donation Program

We specialize in the treatment of infertility that allows women who, for various reasons, otherwise wouldn't be able to conceive or become pregnant. The long – term success rate for this method is 62 – 65 %. We have a wide database of egg donors to choose from. In general, egg donors must be in good health and aged between 18 – 33. Our database allows us to choose a suitable donor for you with no waiting period. The egg donors are thoroughly and repeatedly examined in accordance with ASRM (The American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and European legislative. Before being accepted into our database, each donor must undergo a hormonal and ultrasound examination, a psychology test, a genetic tests as well as tests for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis). We do not use the excess oocytes from our clients!


To be considered as a recipient for donor eggs, you must be 49 years of age or younger.An appropriate egg donor is chosen for you when you complete the „First Virtual Visit“ and Questionnaire for Oocyte Recipient (you will receive these forms from your IVF coordinator). The doctor and the IVF coordinator from our clinic will manage the preparation of the donor and the recipient ( via e-mail, phone or Skype). This preparation takes approximately 5 weeks.Both you and your husband/partner must undergo some tests in your home country. The copy of the results must be sent to us via e-mail before your arrival. You must then bring the original copy of the results to your first appointment in our clinic.


IVF with fresh donor eggs - €4500 

Basic cost includes:

  • Consultation
  • Treatment protocol
  • Ultrasound
  • Fertilization of all matured oocytes via ICSI
  • Extended embryo cultivation
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo transfer
  • Cryopreservation of surplus quality embryos and their storage for 1 year
  • Donor medication
  • Monitoring of donor´s cycle
  • Donor´s oocyte retrieval + anaesthesia
  • Donor´s compensation
  • Partner´s semen analysis + semen freezing and storage for 1 year
  • Partner´s tests for presence of sexually transmited diseases: HIV 1+2, Hepatitis B +C, Syphilis (at the day of sperm contribution)

Standard price does not include:

  • Recipient´s medication
  • Donor sperm
  • Intralipid infusion
  • MESA/TESE (partner’s sperm retrieval via a surgical procedure)
  • ICSI over 10 oocytes – each additional oocyte
  • KET (frozen embryo transfer cycle)
  • PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)




IVF with frozen donor eggs - €4000








IVF Zlín is happy to announce that we now offer IVF treatment with frozen donor egg as well as fresh donor egg. We have been providind fresh donor egg treatment for many years. Now we offer treatment using fresh or frozen donor eggs. Over the past years egg freezing has improved significantly and survival and viability of thawed eggs is much better compared to the past when the slow freezing method was traditionally used to freeze sperm and embryos. We use vitrification which is a „quick freeze“ technique that minimizes a formation of ice crystals that were the main source of damage during freezing in the past. These improvements now allow for good success rates using frozen donor eggs.

We have our own bank of frozen eggs that are available immediatelly to our patients. Each patient (couple) receives 8 frozen eggs and we can guarantee you 2 good quality embryos for your embryotransfer providing the quality of sperm used for fertilization is good.


Advantages of using frozen eggs

  • No need to synchronize the recepient cycle with the donor’s cycle
  • No need to worry about any unexpected complications that could possibly arrise during donor’s stimulation or the number of eggs retrieved
  • Less time involved in treatment preparation as eggs are available immediatelly or within a short space of time
  • Less medication used during praparation for the treatment
  • Patient has more options in regards to timing of the treatment as it can be adapted to her preferences
  • Lower cost of the treatment



  • Examination and selection of donors according to strict criteria set by Czech Law and European legislation
  • Selection of a suitable anonymous donor in compliance with recipients request (height, weight, hair/eye color, education, etc.)
  • Min. 2 good quality embryos ready for a fresh embryo transfer ( 3 – 5 day embryos ) and any good quality surplus embryos (if applicable) will be cryopreserved using vitrification

The guarantee system only applies if the quality of the sperm (concentration, motility and morphology – spermiogram) collected on the day of the donor egg retrieval can be assumed to assure successful fertilization and providing there is no anatomical abnormality diagnosed as a reason for your infertility (for example low endometrium, fibroids). The final decision if the guarantee system can be offered or not in your individual circumstances will be made by our embryologist and our doctor.


If you are interested in the treatment at our clinic or you just would like further information, please fill in this form.